Personalized Advent Calendar Book

Personalized Advent Calendar Book

Price: CA $20-25

You can count “up” to Christmas with this Advent Calendar Book. It contains 24 individual boxes (size: 2″ x 2″ x 1″) that can be filled with a variety of items. You can personalize this gift for all ages!

Ideas what you can fill them in with: – (see photos on the left)

  • For children: candy, chocolate, toys, keychains, rings, ink stamp, bouncy ball
  • For adults: a combination of chocolates, tea and cookies
  • You can leave messages with quotes, jokes and riddles for everyone

You can pre-order the Advent Calendar Books now in order for them to be ready to given by December 1st. Please contact me if you have colour and pattern preferences for the design. You can request to have the boxes filled with items I have available or fill them yourself.

I will have available holiday sugar cookies shown in the slideshow made by Tiny Sweet Tooth ( that fit in the boxes.

Please contact me if you have further questions.